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Uniting Against Terrorism and Promoting Peace: Stanford Biodesign Announce Support of Israel

Publication Date: 10/29/2023 8:00 AM

Biodesign Israel, affiliated with Rambam Health Care Campus, calls on the global health tech community to unite and stand with Israel at this challenging time.

Israel Biodesign conference participants at Rambam HCC earlier this year. Photography: Rambam HCC.Israel Biodesign conference participants at Rambam HCC earlier this year. Photography: Rambam HCC.

Dr. Yona Vaisbuch, deputy director of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery at Rambam, is also the founder of Biodesign Israel. Based on the successful Stanford Biodesign methodology, Biodesign Israel educates and encourages local innovators to create novel solutions for existing Health Tech problems and find solutions for unsolved medical needs. Together with Rambam, Biodesign Israel has fueled global healthcare advancements.

Amidst the current challenges, Biodesign Israel called on the global health tech community and its partners to unite, join forces, and stand with Israel in this crisis. This effort amplifies an existing call to action within the global health tech community, with over 500 venture capital firms already rallying in support of Israel's tech innovation. Expanding beyond, Biodesign Israel extended this call to the broader international community, urging everyone to stand together for innovation, peace, and harmony, supporting Israel's tech innovation. Their commitment, which transcends religious and cultural differences, supporting peace and harmony, speaks volumes.

In addition, Stanford Biodesign announced its message of support, “We watched in shock and sadness as we learned of the brutal and tragic attacks by Hamas on innocent Israeli civilians of all ages. It was deeply painful to witness the violence and the fear and anguish on the faces of so many families impacted by these attacks. As last week progressed, and we have continued to hear about the magnitude of the losses and the impact on both the Israeli and Palestinian communities, we grieve together as a Biodesign community.”

Stanford Biodesign went on to say that they condemn all acts of terrorism and stand with all those who support human rights. They support the advancement of health outcomes and health equity, and closely hold values of collaboration, empathy, integrity, diversity, innovation, and leadership. They confirmed that they do not support the senseless killing, raping, and torture of innocent people under any circumstances. Their final comment reads, “Our thoughts are with our colleagues at Biodesign Israel, and we stand with all countries, organizations, and people who share these values and pray for peace.”