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Advanced Robotic System in Rambam Pharmacy Improves Efficiency

Publication Date: 11/26/2019 10:00 AM
Rambam Health Care Campus has started to use an advanced robotic system in its pharmacy. One of the most advanced of its kind on the market, the system is used to store and deliver tens of thousands of medications throughout the hospital, representing marked savings in time and increased efficiency.
The robotic pharmacy system at Rambam. Videography and photography: Netanel Ayzik, Spokesperson’s Office, Rambam HCC.The robotic pharmacy system at Rambam. Videography and photography: Netanel Ayzik, Spokesperson’s Office, Rambam HCC.

Rambam’s pharmacy has just installed the largest automated pharmaceutical storage system of its kind in Israel. The system, which runs 24/7, has three robotic arms and 28 meters of conveyor belts. It can quickly sort packaged drugs, store them, and then collect them for distribution throughout the hospital as needed.

Manufactured by a Finnish company, NewIcon, the system is marketed in Israel by Gotect. A specialized team flew from Finland to Israel just to install the system, which covers 44 square meters and is 2.5 meters high. In addition, it had to be interfaced with the Israeli Ministry of Health’s logistics system. This critical aspect of security and quality management was developed by Rambam’s teams in the Department of Planning and Operations, the computing division, and the pharmacy, alongside representatives from the Ministry of Health.

The system can simultaneously store up to 67,000 medication packages, sort and store up to 400 packages per hour, and distribute up to 1,800 per hour. Controls for monitoring temperature and humidity ensure optimal pharmaceutical storage conditions. To see how it works, watch the video below.

The system represents an amazing innovation that will save time while improving efficacy and overall quality of drug delivery. “This was a strategic decision taken by the hospital management that has given us a huge leap forward in the pharmacy,” explains Yariv Ben-David, of Rambam’s Department of Planning and Operations. “It is the largest, fastest, and most efficient pharmacy system used in Israel today and will literally double the pharmacy’s output and quality.”

According to Limor Eisenbud, the Director of Pharmacy Services at Rambam, the future is here: "Worldwide—and in Israel—use of this technology in pharmacies is becoming a trend for hospitals, health funds and private institutions. Using a robotic system shortens drug delivery times from the pharmacy to treatment units. In particular, it enables pharmacists to focus on their professional tasks, and markedly reduces the time spent on technical ones. This enables significant streamlining of the hospital pharmacists’ workload.”

This automated robotic pharmacy system represents a major investment in Rambam’s quality of care that will ultimately translate into costs savings and improved patient care.