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32 Hours Later, Alon Hears He is a Dad

Publication Date: 11/20/2023 8:00 AM

When Israel Defense Force reservists are called up for duty, their commitment often means missing significant family milestones. Within Rambam Health Care Campus (Rambam) in Haifa, Israel, stories of dedication and sacrifice emerge. One such narrative revolves around a reservist whose best efforts prevented him from attending the birth of his first child.

Alon arrives and meets his son for the first time. Photography: Courtesy of Yarin Shani.Alon arrives and meets his son for the first time. Photography: Courtesy of Yarin Shani.

A touching story unfolded at Rambam a few days ago amid the ‘Swords of Iron’ war, now in its seventh week. Alon, a reservist in the Israel Defense Forces, and Yarin, his partner, were looking forward to the birth of their first child. However, as Yarin’s due date drew near, Alon was called up for duty in Gaza. Suddenly, Yarin was faced with giving birth without Alon nearby, a reality she did not want to face despite the support of other family members.

A week before Yarin’s birthdate, Alon came home for a short break. All too son he had to return to his post, but for security reasons, the couple could have no contact. Yarin reflects, “Since Alon was called up on that ‘Black Sabbath’ [October 7], he has served in Gaza. I knew I could give birth any minute but couldn’t bear the thought of doing so without him. But our little sweetheart had other plans—our son could not wait.”

Yarin went into labor and arrived at Rambam's Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology accompanied by her mother and mother-in-law. The wife of Alon’s commander had offered to be in touch with Yarin so that when the moment came, she could help get a message to him that his wife was in labor. However, when the moment came, Alon could not be immediately reached. It took 32 hours before he received word – it transpired that Alon’s comrades heard the news before him.

Rambam's incredible maternity staff showered Yarin with attention, providing her with a sense of security. Yarin shares, “I was crushed knowing that Alon didn’t know about our son’s birth. For 32 hours, I could hardly breathe or sleep. Then he called me, and then he arrived.”

After an hours-long journey from Gaza to Haifa, Alon was reunited with Yarin and saw his newborn son for the first time. The joyous moment brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

After this incredible experience, Yarin states that when she is again pregnant, she hopes to give birth at Rambam again, but this time with Alon by her side.

Join us in congratulating Yarin and Alon who serve on the home front and the battlefront; they are the true heroes. May your sweet family grow in peace, happiness, and health.

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