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Rambam Marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Publication Date: 10/21/2021 1:30 PM

One in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Throughout the year, Rambam Health Care Campus works to raise awareness of this disease, and holds special events during Breast Cancer Awareness month to highlight the critical importance of early detection.

Images from Breast Cancer Awareness Month Events at Rambam. Photography: Rambam HCCImages from Breast Cancer Awareness Month Events at Rambam. Photography: Rambam HCC

Events to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month were held recently at Rambam Health Care Campus. Earlier this week, the hospital’s shopping mall was decorated with pink balloons and signs calling for women to get tested. A team of staff members handed out pink roses and pink masks, and many Rambam employees followed a suggestion to wear pink items of clothing. In addition, the hospital’s Stone Building was illuminated in pink in cooperation with the Mariam Foundation.

At Rambam, all female hospital employees over the age of 40 have been invited to get tested at the hospital’s Breast Health Institute. All exams will be performed by the Institute’s surgeons.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month was established in the United States in 1985, and is now marked around the world in order to draw attention to breast diseases and alert women to the need for regular testing.

Dr. Sergiu Socea, explains, “Today, thanks to the new equipment from Moria, we have reached a degree of accuracy that allows us to split a cornea that is 500 microns thick, so that the front part is thick enough for implantation, a thickness ranging from 400 to 450 microns and the back part is 100 microns thick. This capability greatly enhances the surgical results.”

Click on the picture below to watch Rambam Director General Dr. Michael Halberthal speaking about the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

If you live in Israel and want to make an appointment for a mammogram at Rambam’s Breast Health Institute, please call: 04-777-2296 or send an email to [email protected].