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Grieving Widow Donates Life-saving Defibrillators

Publication Date: 2/23/2023 11:00 AM
Just a few short months after the death of her husband, Ilana Siman-Tov Dodeles, CPR head nurse and coordinator at Rambam Health Care Campus (Rambam) in Haifa, Israel, was determined to do something for the community. She mobilized members of her family who arranged the donation of ten automatic CPR defibrillators.
Rambam nurse Ilana Siman-Tov Doodles demonstrates CPR on National Defibrillator Awareness Day. Photography: Rambam HCCRambam nurse Ilana Siman-Tov Doodles demonstrates CPR on National Defibrillator Awareness Day. Photography: Rambam HCC

Ilana, a resident of Hoshaya, a religious community settlement north of Haifa, was determined to honor her late husband, Baruch, a founding member there. He had passed away following a long illness. Ilana is a highly-experienced cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) nurse at Rambam Health Care Campus and understands the need for easily accessible, life-saving medical equipment. There were no automatic CPR defibrillators in Hoshaya; furthermore, the Israel Trail (a popular hiking trail spanning 620 miles [1,000 km]) passes through the community. Hence, what could be more appropriate than providing life-saving equipment throughout the settlement that Baruch had so loved?

With the anniversary of her husband’s birthday quickly approaching in March, she made arrangements to remember him. Ilana and her family had ten automatic defibrillators strategically positioned across the community in special storage units and Hoshaya residents will receive CPR training from Rambam’s volunteer team on that day.

The timing could not be a more appropriate follow-up for Israel’s National Defibrillator Awareness Day, held annually on February 22. Naturally, Rambam marks this day. Defibrillator Awareness Day is an added opportunity for Rambam’s CPR team to train members of the public in this life-saving intervention. Training stations were positioned across the hospital campus and certified CPR medical personnel taught and demonstrated the correct way to provide this life-saving intervention.

Israel’s National Defibrillator Awareness Day is coordinated by “Magen David Adom” – Israel’s national emergency pre-hospital medical and blood services organization in collaboration with the Israel Heart Association; the Israel Defense Forces; “Mifal HaPayis” –Israel’s national lottery; and the developers of “Ayfo Defi” – an app that helps users locate automatic defibrillators installed throughout the country.

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One of ten defibrillators at Hoshaya, Israel

One of ten defibrillators at Hoshaya.
Photo provided courtesy of Ilana Siman-Tov Dodeles.