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Rambam Assists Grieving Family with Organ Donations

Publication Date: 10/12/2022 10:30 AM

Parents of three-year-old Fuad, donate his organs following a catastrophic car accident. Rambam stands in awe of the Machamid family and all those who give the gift of life to another.

Photography: Rambam HCCPhotography: Rambam HCC

"We love you and we will never forget you. You will be with us always. Your death sends a message of love and caring among the faiths." These are the words of Samar Machamid, mother of Fuad, aged 3, from a village in Wadi Ara (Northern Israel), who was killed in a car accident near his home a few weeks ago.

His parents spoke of the pain of Fuad's loss, and the comfort they derived from the decision to donate the child's organs which will save the lives of many children. "The donation gave us hope. His heart lives on!" said Fuad's father, Majd, a medic who desperately tried to save his son's life after the catastrophic accident. "These were the hardest moments of my life when I saw my son bleeding and his soul slipping away, and I could do nothing," said Majd.

"Fuad was always full of energy and smiling. Everyone who met him fell in love with him," said Samar, as she described the final moments with her son: "On the day of our return from a family trip to Sinai, we went to have lunch with Fuad's grandparents. He wanted to stay and play with his cousins, and that was the last time I saw him."

Fuad's parents decided to donate his organs so that other children could live. Majd said: "This was a difficult decision, especially for Samar, who raised and cared for him with such love and devotion. The intense pain of Fuad's loss caused us to understand the suffering of others who are desperately waiting for help. We decided to donate Fuad's organs, so that we could save the lives of other children and bring joy to them and their families. By doing this, I was able to say to my son—I love you and you are a hero."

Rambam Health Care Campus, which assisted the family with the organ donation process, expressed their admiration: "The noble, selfless decision of the Machamid family to donate the organs of their son, Fuad, of blessed memory, will save the lives of other young children and teenagers. At Rambam, we stand in awe of these families, who understand that when it comes to saving a life, there are no lines or borders based on nationality, religion, or sect. You are giving the gift of life to another human being. Our hospital makes every effort to assist these families in every way possible. Our organ transplant coordinators work round the clock. Our surgical teams, together with the doctors, nurses and technicians who undertake this vital responsibility, are available every hour of every day, whenever they are needed.”

Adapted from a Hebrew article in YNet.