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Three Rambam Women Receive National Recognition for their Contributions to the Israeli Hospital System

Publication Date: 3/11/2021 10:30 AM

Sara Tzafrir, Limor Aizenbud, and Hagar Baruch made the Israeli Ministry of Health’s List of 30 Leading Influential Women for 2021 in the “Government Hospitals” Division. Sara Tzafrir was also named as “Outstanding Chief Information Officer” for 2020 by “People and Computers”.

Top L) Hagar Baruch; Bottom L) Limor Aizenbud; Center) Sara Tazafrir holding her "Outstanding Chief Information Officer" award. Photography: Rambam HCCTop L) Hagar Baruch; Bottom L) Limor Aizenbud; Center) Sara Tazafrir holding her "Outstanding Chief Information Officer" award. Photography: Rambam HCC

As part of the activities marking International Women’s Day earlier this week, three Rambam Health Care Campus Employees were listed among the 30 leading influential women in the Government Hospitals Division by Israel’s Ministry of Health. Each of the women on the list were recommended by their respective medical centers as well as by the division itself for embodying the power of women in the government medical system.

Ms. Sara Tzafrir is the Director Rambam’s Department of Information, Computing and Communications. She has led pioneering projects within the Israeli hospital system, including initiating, developing, and integrating the “Prometheus” system for computerized medical records in the early 2000s. Prometheus has been adopted by all government psychiatric and geriatric hospitals. This project was awarded a prize by the Information Systems Analysts Bureau in Israel.

Ms. Limor Aizenbud is the Director of Rambam’s Pharmaceutical Services. She has led the system through the implementation of new technologies and innovative work processes, showing great motivation and dedication, and serving as a personal example to other employees.

Ms. Hagar Baruch serves as Rambam’s Deputy Director of Nursing. She stands out for her activities to advance the field of nursing, including the establishment of a school and development of a training program for COVID-19, and for showing leadership in the Division of Nursing.

“These representatives, each one in their respective specialties and together, have led the hospital to impressive achievements – during regular times as well as during the pandemic,” notes Dr. Michael Halberthal, Rambam’s General Director. “The female leadership of the Israeli healthcare system is an integral part of the enormous efforts of women and men around the world to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Sara Tzafrir Named Outstanding Chief Information Officer for 2020

In addition to being named as one of 2021’s leading influential women, Sara Tzafrir was also honored as an "Outstanding Chief Information Officer for 2020". The award was presented by "People and Computers", a B2B events producer and media company for Israeli and international Tech and Business communities, as part of the Outstanding National Chief Information Officer Competition for 2020. The selection committee was headed by Professor Gadi Ariav, a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems in the Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University.

Like its counterparts, the staff in Rambam’s Department of Information, Computing and Communications was severely challenged by COVID-19, in a way that brought out the best in the team. Tzafrir leads the department in providing around-the-clock maintenance of computer communications necessary for effective continuity of patient care. During the pandemic, Rambam opened a dedicated COVID-19 department that presented unique, particularly demanding needs requiring quick, accurate, accessible, and safe communications solutions that could be remotely performed.

"This award recognizes the outstanding activities of the Department of Information, Computing and Communications – for all of its employees, throughout the years, during routine times and emergencies, and especially during the COVID-19 period," says Tzafrir with pride.