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Rambam Signs Cooperative Agreement with Shizim Biomed Group Headed by Former Mossad Director

Publication Date: 6/21/2021 10:30 AM

An agreement signed between Rambam Health Care Campus and the Shizim Biomed Group will enhance Rambam’s ability to create and market innovative medtech solutions.

(L-R): Tamir Pardo, Yossi Bornstein, Dr. Michael Halberthal, Professor Rafi Beyar, and Roee Atlas. Photography courtesy of Rambam HCC.
(L-R): Tamir Pardo, Yossi Bornstein, Dr. Michael Halberthal, Professor Rafi Beyar, and Roee Atlas. Photography courtesy of Rambam HCC.

Rambam Health Care Campus General Director Dr. Michael Halberthal and Tamir Pardo, Chairman of the Shizim Biomed Group and former head of the Mossad, signed a cooperative agreement to promote projects in the digital health and medical technology fields. “We have signed an agreement designed to identify unmet needs in medicine and to develop technological solutions, especially in the fields of medical equipment and digital medicine,” said Shizim founder and CEO Yossi Bornstein.

Shizim has rich experience in developing projects in the biomedical sector, from initial concept and business development stages through to raising capital, business success, and guidance through the IPO process. “To date, we have raised more than US$100 million for a wide range of ventures and created dozens of connections and strategic partnerships. Now we will bring this experience to Rambam. The group has extensive international activities in Europe and Asia, as well as many industry players who are interested in technological developments in Israel,” explains Pardo. Shizim's innovation center includes leading companies in the medical robotics field, including a public company traded on the NASDAQ, companies that develop artificial intelligence, and companies that have already reached global sales levels.

According to Bornstein, Rambam has an entrepreneurial spirit and a unique organizational culture; this spirit combined with Shizim’s experience will produce an extraordinary synergy between the two organizations. “Digital medicine is one of the most important growth leverages in the world. Rambam will soon open Helmsley Health Discovery Tower, which holds great potential for connections, investments, and strategic partnerships in a broad range of areas.”

Dr. Roee Atlas, Director of Rambam MedTech, Ltd., Rambam’s technology transfer company, led the signing of the agreement. He elaborates that “both parties will accelerate solutions based on advanced technology in health, digital medicine, and medical technologies, in order to improve patient care. Rambam will bring to the table researchers from its Division of Research, its clinical sectors, and its advanced computer and database systems.”

Dr. Michael Halberthal adds that “the prominence of research and the success of technological developments of the past year during the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a leap forward in strengthening Rambam's strategic collaborations with a number of leading bodies around the world. The agreement with Shizim further strengthens that spirit of innovation, placing Rambam at the forefront of hospitals worldwide.”