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Research and Innovation Updates from Rambam MedTech Ltd.

Publication Date: 12/26/2021 9:00 AM

The activities of Rambam MedTech Ltd., Rambam Health Care Campus’s technology transfer company, have advanced a number of significant medical research and development initiatives conceived by Rambam physician-scientists over the past few months.

(L-R) Rambam Director General Professor Michael Halberthal; Rambam Med-Tech CEO Dr. Roee Atlas; and Road2 CEO Eitan Kyiet. Photography: Rambam HCC(L-R) Rambam Director General Professor Michael Halberthal; Rambam Med-Tech CEO Dr. Roee Atlas; and Road2 CEO Eitan Kyiet. Photography: Rambam HCC

Rambam MedTech Ltd. is responsible for managing the innovation and intellectual property that belongs to Rambam’s doctors and scientists, supporting the transformation of innovative ideas into leading products at an international level. The company does so by accompanying and promoting inventions, providing assistance via grants and initial funding for intellectual property development, and facilitating commercialization through experienced business partners.

Here are a number of highlights:

Collaboration Agreements - Commercialization

Agreement with MindCet Incubator

An option agreement has been signed for the licensing, commercialization and development of technology by Dr. Goded Shahaf on the subject of brain EEG readings for educational purposes and cognitive feedback for students with learning disabilities.

MindCet is an Israeli incubator for the development of technologies in the field of education.

Agreement with HIP-IT

A collaboration agreement was signed for the development and execution of a pilot program at Rambam, led by Dr. Shifra Ash, Director of the Joan & Sanford Weill Division of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation in Rambam’s Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital.

The company is developing a unique social networking platform for patients in medical centers, using a designated algorithm for ensuring suitable content and activities.

Collaboration between Rambam and Road2

Rambam and Road2 are working together on the examination and development of digital health technologies.

Road2 is a fund that initiates innovation and won a tender from the Israel Innovation Authority for technological development in the Haifa region. Road2 represents a group of companies that include NVIDIA and JVP.

Four projects from Rambam are already being examined for the Road2’s investment plan.

Patents registered at Rambam in Recent Months

  • System and method for real-time diagnosis of brain disorders under anesthesia – Dr. Dana Baron Shahaf, Dr. Goded Shahaf.
  • Miniature clean room for single use – Dr. Salim Hadad, Engineer Zvi Lefel.

Winning the Innovation Authority Grant (“Kamin” program)

Professor Zeid Abassi, Professor Iyad Khamaisi and Dr. Salim Hadad have been awarded the Innovation Authority grant for developing a molecule against acute pancreatitis.

Rambam Med-Tech’s "Spark" Grants Program

The Spark grant is a grant from Rambam Med-Tech used for the development of applied technologies, and is given annually to a select number of projects.

This year, seven grant applications were submitted by inventors from Rambam.

Commercialization Agreement with Causalis

A commercialization agreement was signed for collaboration in the development of digital technology together with Dr. Ronit Almog, Director of Epidemiology Unit and BioBank, and Rambam's Data Center.

Causalis develops artificial intelligence technology for predicting and making decisions in the treatment of chronic patients before starting treatment.

Dr. Ronit Almog

Dr. Ronit Almog. Photography: Rambam HCC