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How Did Rambam Become a Knowledge Sharing Center with Leading European Medical Centers?

Publication Date: 3/10/2019

Rambam Health Care Campus, Northern Israel’s largest hospital and only Level 1 trauma center, goes the second mile beyond treating patients. Hospital specialists recently participated in several unique knowledge sharing projects with leading medical centers throughout Europe. Israeli medical experience and expertise have become a sought-after commodity.

The course participants with Rambam’s surgical team. Photography: Pioter FliterThe course participants with Rambam’s surgical team. Photography: Pioter Fliter

Rambam recently hosted a first-of-its-kind course in which hospital specialists held surgical training sessions in techniques for hernia repair and complex abdominal wall reconstruction. In recognition of the hospital’s excellence in this field, the course was provided under the auspices of Bard Medical International. Doctors from Slovenia and Croatia participated in the course, including the director of the second largest hospital in Zagreb, who also serves as chairman of Croatia’s surgical association.

The course was led by Dr. Adel Abu Salih, director of Rambam’s Departments of Ambulatory Surgery and Hernia Repair and Abdominal Wall Reconstruction. The course included lectures on different surgical techniques, discussions on related issues, and observation of several surgeries.

“Recognition of Rambam as a center of excellence enables us to share knowledge with colleagues worldwide and to train them to perform different surgical techniques,” explains Dr. Abu Salih. “In addition, we strengthen connections in different specializations within medical institutions worldwide through joint conferences and surgeries, in the framework of reciprocal visits with program participants in their countries of origin. The first course received positive reviews from participants, and upcoming visits are planned.”

Also in Greece: Consulting on the Establishment of an Emergency Medicine Specialty

Dr. Fuad Basis, Deputy Director of Medical and Research Development and Director of Accreditation, and Dr. Aziz Darawsha, Director of the Department of Emergency and Urgent Care Medicine, recently returned from Athens, Greece, where they participated in consultations with Greek Medical Association members, with the goal of starting a new emergency medicine specialty in the country.

An initiative of the Embassy of Israel in Greece and the Greek Medical Association, this is part of a series of reciprocal visits between Israeli and Greek teams to start the process. In the future, a trauma course will be held at Rambam, and leaders of the process in Greece expressed their desire to participate in it and to send doctors for rotations and training, in order to learn up close about the new emergency medicine specialty, which began in Israel 19 years ago. Supporting the project are the Embassy of Greece, the Embassy of Israel, and Greece’s emergency medicine association.

“Rambam is known around the world for its treatment capabilities in the area of emergency medicine, both as an experienced trauma center and as part of the extensive activities of Rambam’s trauma school, which conducts courses in Israel and around the world and has been providing training in this field for many years. We are very excited to share our experiences wherever possible, and are happy to be part of such an important process in Greece,” said Dr. Basis.