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Parents of Mount Meron Victim Thank Rambam for Compassionate Care

Publication Date: 7/25/2021 10:30 AM

Earlier this year, a youth was critically injured during the Lag B’Omer Mount Meron tragedy and hospitalized at Rambam Health Care Campus for two months. His parents expressed their gratitude to the hospital staff, thanking them for their son's treatment and the thoughtful assistance they received throughout his stay.

Rambam employees and visitors take part in special prayers for the healing and speedy recovery of those wounded in the tragedy on Mount Meron. Photography courtesy of RHCC.Rambam employees and visitors take part in special prayers for the healing and speedy recovery of those wounded in the tragedy on Mount Meron. Photography courtesy of RHCC.

A moving ceremony honoring those who suffered as a result of the Mount Meron disaster in April of this year was held at Rambam Health Care Campus. During the ceremony, the following letter was read by the parents of a young man who was injured there and hospitalized at Rambam for two months.

To the Entire Wonderful Staff at Rambam:

Our son was critically injured during the tragic events that occurred on Mount Meron on Lag B’Omer, and was subsequently hospitalized for approximately two months at Rambam Health Care Campus. Prior to being identified and due to an incorrect estimation of his age, he was initially hospitalized in the Division of Critical Care rather than the Wagner-Green Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. He spent 52 days in the ICU followed by a brief stay in Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital until he was stable enough to be transferred to a rehabilitation center closer to our home in the center of the country.

The care that our son received at Rambam was outstanding. The staff, from Division Director Dr. Yaron Bar-Lavie to the other physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, aides and maintenance staff help, were all incredibly helpful. Not only was the medical care at the highest level, but it was also delivered with true compassion; we always sensed that the staff truly cared about our son, and that it wasn't just a job for them. We also had the good fortune to be approached by Dr. Dana Baron Shahaf, a clinical researcher in the Applied Neurophysiology Lab and an attending physician and anesthesiologist in the Department of Anesthesia, who went out of her way to work with him using a newly developed neurophysiology protocol. The entire time that our son was in the Division of Critical Care, we felt surrounded by a large, professional, caring family, and even after he was transferred to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, the Critical Care staff continued to take an interest in our son and offered us help as needed.

The care in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit was excellent, especially the nursing care, which was carried out with great compassion and dedication. In addition, the social workers made sure that we were taken care of, and the synagogue was beautiful and well-run. Rambam’s management was very kind and attentive, and General Director Dr. Michael Halberthal visited with us several times and made sure that our needs were being met.

For my wife and me, not to mention for my son, this has been a very traumatic and emotional time in our lives. Rambam gave us the support and care that we needed in our hour of need, and we are very grateful.