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43-year-old Gives Birth at Rambam After 20 Years of Fertility Treatments

Publication Date: 10/15/2020 10:30 AM

Carwan Hajajre gave birth to a healthy and deeply longed for baby girl at Rambam Health Care Campus – after 20 years of fertility treatments.

The Hajajre family with their new baby girl. Photography: Courtesy of the Hajajre family.The Hajajre family with their new baby girl. Photography: Courtesy of the Hajajre family.

Over the past 20 years, Carwan Hajajre, age 43, from Ka'abiyye, sought to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. Following her marriage to Rattab (age 43), the couple attempted to become parents. When efforts to conceive naturally failed, they sought medical assistance. “Twenty years ago, fertility treatments were less popular, especially in the Arab sector,” recalls Hajajre, adding, “It didn’t bother us—we wanted to become a family.”

The road to fulfilling the Hajajres’ dream was long and complicated. Over 15 long years, the couple was assisted by a variety of fertility consultants, and they underwent treatment after treatment, some of which resulted in pregnancies, none of which were successful. “I had seven miscarriages, including one stillborn birth, “says Carwan sadly. “Despite the heartbreak, we remained optimistic, and we believed that our time would come.”

Five years ago, the couple decided to take a different path. “We decided to adopt a child. We understood that pregnancy might not be possible, but we could still become parents, “shares Carwan. “Adoption is not widespread in the Arab community, but we were not going to let anything stand in our way.”

Three years later, the couple adopted a three-month-old baby boy who changed their world. Azaladine, now age 2 ½, has filled their lives with light and joy, and apparently had a tremendous healing effect on Carwan. Shortly after the adoption, she became pregnant naturally, but tragically the baby was stillborn. Carwan explains, “We were filled with a sense of euphoria that our little family was about to grow, but once again, it didn’t happen.”

Armed with the extraordinary optimism and courage that has sustained them for more than two decades, the couple again underwent fertility treatments, and endured additional disappointments. However, last December, Carwan became pregnant naturally. She recently came to Rambam, and gave birth via caesarean section to a healthy baby girl, who weighed a little more than three kilograms. The couple named their beautiful baby Jori, which means “roses.”

Carwan was accompanied throughout this miraculous pregnancy and birth by Dr. Nadir Ghanem, Senior Attending Physician in Rambam’s Division of Gynecology and Obstetrics. “The pregnancy was normal and healthy, but because of the patient’s age and history, it was considered high-risk. We closely monitored Carwan’s entire pregnancy so that we could help her return home with a healthy baby in her arms,” notes Dr. Ghanem. “This is a deeply moving story and we are delighted to have been a part of it and to contribute to the happy outcome.”

According to Dr. Ofer Fainaru, Director of the In-Vitro Fertilization Unit at Rambam and an expert in reproductive endocrinology, the birth of a healthy infant after so many years of fertility treatments is a rare event. “Fifteen or twenty years of fertility treatment is not an insignificant matter—most couples would have given up long ago. In this case, we have a couple with extraordinary optimism and determination, who succeeded in bringing a new baby into the world.”

With her newborn baby in her arms, Carwan smiled radiantly. “My husband and I and our son, Azaladine, are simply in the clouds! This was a perfect pregnancy and an amazing birth. The staff at Rambam enveloped us with tenderness and care,” said Carwan. “Now we have a large family, just as we always dreamed. We never gave up on our home and our family. We always had hope and we believed that G-d would answer our prayers, and it all happened. I hope that our story will provide inspiration to other couples. You need a little faith, and everything will come in due time.”