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From the Far East to the Middle East

Publication Date: 9/3/2017

​​​A unique program initiated by Rambam Health Care Campus enabled 35 doctors and nurses from China to visit and learn more about patient care in a large Israeli hospital.

From the Far East to the Middle EastFrom the Far East to the Middle East

Thirty-five doctors and nurses from different hospitals throughout China will soon be completing three months of observation and training at Rambam, as part of a unique cooperation between Israel and the Asian country. The program was initiated by the hospital, enabling Chinese medical and nursing staff to learn more about how a large Israeli hospital is run.

While here, Rambam’s Chinese guests have been learning how different departments function and were able to see innovative technologies and protocols being used as a daily aspect of patient care. They also learned about the Israeli public healthcare system, which is considered to be one of the best in the world.

The participants were happy to participate in other hospital activities, such as a weekly Tai Chi session for Rambam employees, held under the guidance of
Master Yossi Fischer. Tai Chi Master Hu Feng Feng, considered to be one of the most well-known leaders in his field also visited Rambam and joined in. For the Chinese guests—it was just like being at home!

"This is a fascinating collaboration that demonstrates how medicine is a bridge between peoples and cultures," says one of the initiators of the program, Dr. Ronit Segal-Hirshberg, CEO of Rambam Health Corporation and the director of the Department of Economics and Marketing Department "The arrival of dozens of medical and nursing personnel from China to Rambam is a testament to the excellence that characterizes Israeli medicine. We are happy to host them in our hospital, share knowledge, and strengthen ties with medical personnel from one of the most important countries in the world."

Enjoy watching Chinese Medical Training at Rambam HCC
Videography: Netanel Ayzik, Spokesperson’s Office, Rambam HCC