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Upcoming AFORAM Webinar to Discuss Stanford and Rambam Biodesign Programs

Publication Date: 8/19/2020 8:00 PM
American Friends of Rambam (AFORAM) is serving as co-host for an upcoming webinar. Participants can learn about Stanford’s world-renowned Biodesign program, and its impact in training healthtech innovation leaders.
Upcoming AFORAM Webinar to Discuss Stanford and Rambam Biodesign ProgramsUpcoming AFORAM Webinar to Discuss Stanford and Rambam Biodesign Programs

The California Israel Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with American Friends of Rambam will host a webinar entitled, “Strengthening Global Collaboration - How Stanford Biodesign and Rambam Biodesign Programs Help Boost Israeli Innovation”. This special event will be held on Tuesday, September 8th, 2020 at 8:00pm Israel time (1:00pm Eastern Daylight Time/10:00am Pacific Daylight Time).

The webinar will be moderated by Dr. Josh Makower, a co-founder of and advisor for the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign, a program established by Stanford University in the year 2000 as a fast-paced, project-based course for graduate and post-graduate students with a passion for entrepreneurship and a commitment to improving healthcare for patients around the world through technology innovation.

The webinar’s panelists include Dr. Lloyd Minor, the Dean of Stanford School of Medicine; Professor Rafi Beyar, Professor Emeritus at Rambam Health Care Campus and at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology; Dr. Richard Popp, Professor Emeritus at Stanford School of Medicine; Dr. Yona Vaisbuch, the Program and Clinical Director for Rambam Biodesign; and Dr. Tahel Altman, a Stanford Biodesign Fellowship graduate.

Panelists will address the following topics:

  • Dean Minor and Professor Beyar will offer greetings and provide an overview of the Rambam-Stanford Collaboration.
  • Dr. Popp and Dr. Vaisbuch will discuss Biodesign concepts in theory and practice.
  • Dr. Altman will talk about her experiences as an Israeli Fellow at Stanford.

To register for this event, please Click here.