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Israel Celebrates and So Does Rambam: 80 Years of Service

Publication Date: 4/16/2018

As Israel's 70th anniversary celebrations approach, Rambam too is celebrating 80 years of medical service for the people of our region, nation, and world.

Israel Celebrates and So Does Rambam: 80 Years of ServiceIsrael Celebrates and So Does Rambam: 80 Years of Service

​Just before the start of Israel's 70th anniversary celebrations, the largest hospital in the north will mark eight decades of operation, and its transformation into one of the country's most prominent symbols. The 80th anniversary of Rambam Health Care Campus will be celebrated throughout the year, culminating at the Rambam Summit—the hospital’s annual international conference. To honor this special year, Rambam's marketing department designed a colorful and unique logo that reflects 80 years of activity, excellence, and achievement.

In 1938, the British Mandate inaugurated a new government hospital in Haifa to serve the top government echelons and prepare for a war that threatened to break out in Europe. Eighty years later, the same hospital has become a landmark in Israeli medicine and the northernmost tertiary hospital. Rambam's development and growth are closely linked to that of the State of Israel, and chapters in the history of the hospital have become an inseparable part of the history of the state.

"80 years of excellent medical work without compromise, 80 years of achievements and success that have touched the lives of many, eight decades of Israeli medicine at the height of its glory, are credited to the Rambam family throughout the generations," states Professor Rafi Beyar, Director of Rambam, “From our hospital has come groundbreaking research, technological developments that have changed concepts of medical care, and collaborations with leading figures in various fields that have affected the lives of many in Israel and around the world. We have nurtured generations of medical leaders, educators of future generations and researchers of the highest rank in Israel and internationally. Inspired by Maimonides, after whom the hospital was named, our work has become a mission and a bridge between people, nations, and cultures. Our vision places ‘the person in the center’ as a worldview, both the patient and our employees. I have no doubt that in future years Rambam will continue to set an example and be a leader and a pioneer in all medical fields.”


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The Rambam hospital facade – view from the sea in the 1930s.
Photo Credit: Rambam Archives.


The Rambam hospital facade – current view from the sea.
Photo Credit: Pioter Fliter.