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Rambam’s Gala Evening Raises 22 Million Shekels

Publication Date: 6/19/2017

​​The Rambam Summit ended with its traditional Gala Dinner, and the 2017 Rambam Awards ceremony. The inspiring event raised millions of shekels to benefit the patients of Northern Israel via Rambam Health Care Campus.

​Professors Rafi Byear and Karl Skorecki 
with the 2017 Rambam Awardees.
Photography: Pioter Fliter​Professors Rafi Byear and Karl Skorecki with the 2017 Rambam Awardees. Photography: Pioter Fliter

Hundreds of distinguished guests from Israel and around the world took part in the annual gala evening that took place last week at Rambam Health Care Campus as part of the 2017 Rambam Summit whose theme this year was ‘The Kidneys, Genetics and Beyond.” The main event of the evening was the 2017 Rambam Award ceremony honoring: Ambassador Dennis B. Ross, former Special Coordinator for the Middle East under President Clinton, Professor Jeffrey Drazen, editor-in-chief of the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’, Professor Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of ‘The Lancet’, and Harvey and Gloria Kaylie, American philanthropists who have worked towards the betterment of health care in Israel (represented by their daughter Alicia Kaylie-Yakoby in their absence).

The evening began with a power musical and graphical interlude that highlighted the inspiration, beauty, and power of people in health care at Rambam. The theme of the kidneys was presented in a stirring movie that shared the power of medicine to help those suffering from kidney disease and presented Rambam’s goals and achievements in that field.

The 2017 Rambam Award ceremony was moving on multiple levels, from a young man’s sharing how Professor Drazen’s achievements in the field of asthma research had led to medications that changed his life, to a stirring acceptance speech by Professor Horton that challenged attendees to pursue peace and unity through medical excellence.

The Rambam Summit focuses on the intertwining of medicine, technology, and humanity. Previous summits have highlighted topics including state-of-the-art medical technologies, pediatrics, trauma medicine, cardiology, and digital medicine. Funds raised at the gala will be directed towards the hospital's ambitious development plan of its West Campus and the improvement of hospital services, patient care, and research.