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Aiming for 100%: 96% of Rambam’s Nurses Hold Academic Degrees

Publication Date: 12/26/2023 3:15 PM
Thanks to the generosity of international friends, scholarships from two programs were recently presented to 23 Rambam nurses, enabling them to advance their studies and specialize in various medical disciplines. In part due to these scholarship programs, 96% of Rambam nurses hold academic degrees.
Nursing scholarship recipients with Gila Hyams (center-left), Professor Michael Halberthal (center) and Einat Peretz (center-right). Photography: Rambam HCCNursing scholarship recipients with Gila Hyams (center-left), Professor Michael Halberthal (center) and Einat Peretz (center-right). Photography: Rambam HCC

Established in 1975 by Irma (z”l) and Aaron Spencer to honor the memory of their daughter Cheryl (z”l), the Cheryl Spencer Scholarships have been traditionally awarded on during Hanukkah. To date, 538 nursing scholarships have been awarded to Rambam nurses in memory of Cheryl, who studied and dreamed of becoming a nurse. More recently, Laura Simons, established the Hilary Stone Scholarships for nurses in honor of her niece Hilary Stone (z”l), a prominent member of London’s Jewish community,. This year 16 recipients are pursuing master’s degrees, one a Ph.D., and the remaining awardees are completing advanced nursing specializations.

Current events prevented the usual celebratory award ceremony during Hanukkah – the Jewish Festival of Lights. However, a more intimate event called the “Circle of Care,” was held, to honor the scholarship awardees and the program benefactors.

Professor Michael Halberthal, Rambam’s director general, Gila Hyams, the director of nursing, and Einat Peretz, the deputy director of nursing, highlighted the dedication of Rambam’s diverse nurses to the wartime effort, some of whom are on reserve duty and others are reinforcing depleted hospital teams.

During the ceremony, Professor Halberthal said, “Nurses are the backbone of the hospital, every day, they work tirelessly towards improving medical practice. This event is an excellent example of their commitment, professionalism, leadership, and advancing education—all contribute to successful clinical outcomes and patient experience, which is Rambam’s mission. These 23 awardees are choosing to advance their education and to improve their skills through specialization. They always seek to become better, which in my opinion, is part of what makes Rambam a leader in its field.”

According to Gila Hyams, “Over the last 49 years, 622 scholarships have been awarded to our nurses. Today, another 23 scholarships are being distributed for a total of 645 scholarships. Currently, 96% of Rambam’s nurses are academically qualified. Thanks to this amazing project, our nurses will continue to learn, progress, develop, advance, and realize their dreams. The outcome of our commitment is an improved patient-centered experience. Together, we will succeed!”

“The nursing team is also serving on various fronts in the war and is ready for any scenario on the front lines,” concluded Einat Peretz. “We are proud of our work and proudly present the fact that despite everything and despite the situation, we continue to learn and develop, resulting in impressive academic and clinical accomplishments.”