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Important Information for Patients

Imporantant information reqarding whom to contact is provided below.

General Inqueries

Phone: *5324 or 04-777-3568
Email: [email protected]

International Medicine

Email:  [email protected]

Support Rambam & Donations:

Dr. Esty Golan
[email protected]

Important Phone Numbers

Information 04-777-2222

Make an Appointment *5324 or 04-777-3568

Poison Control Center 04-777-1900

Emergency Room 04-777-3300

Pediatric Emergency Room 04-777-4013

Pregnancy Emergency 04-777-2315


You contact us with a question, thank you, appreciation, request, complaint regarding the service or treatment provided at the hospital, and/or suggestions for quality improvement. To do so, please contact the Director of Quality of Service and Patient Relations, Dr. Talia Berman-Kishony, Advocate.

Contact Information
Phone: 04-777-1421
Fax: 777-1240 | 04-777-2907
E-mail: [email protected]

For formal complaints about service or treatment given to you as a patient at the hospital, please refer in writing only to the Patient Ombudsman, Professor Amos Etzioni at: [email protected], or by telephont to: 04-777-2369

For telephone inquiries, or to leave a mesasge for either representative, call: 04-777-2369

Postal Address:
Rambam Health Care Campus
PO Box 9602
Haifa 3109601