The Youdim Prize Committee


The Youdim Prize Committee is responsible for selecting an applicant to receive the Youdim Family Prize for Excellence in Cancer Research. The committee is responsible for maintaining full confidentiality regarding the applicants. As part of their responsibilities to select the most meritorious qualified candidate, the committee may:

  • Elect an “ad-hoc” committee in order to receive confidential expert opinions about the applicants.
  • Consult in confidence with any expert as needed.

The Youdim Prize Committee currently has six members:

  • Professor Moussa Youdim, The Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (IIT), Haifa
  • Professor Rafael Beyar, CEO and General Director, Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa
  • Professor Irit Ben Aharon, Director, Division of Oncology, Joseph Fishman Oncology Center, Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa
  • Professor Abraham Kuten, Head, Department of Oncology, Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa
  • Professor Yinon Ben-Neriah, Department of Immunology, and Head, Proteomics and Drug Design Program, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem.
  • Professor Moshe Oren, Department of Molecular Cell Biology, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot

We would like to express our appreciation to past committee members:

Professor Karl Skorecki, Past Director of Medical & Research Development, Rambam Health Care Campus