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The Horizons Research Program

The Horizons Research Program

The Horizons Research Program (Ofakim, in Hebrew) supports promising young clinicians at the beginning of their medical and research career, by covering the expenses related to meritorious research proposals.

The word “Ofakim” comes from the word “horizon” in Hebrew. Hence, the Horizons Program, established in 2011, is directed at opening new horizons in pre-clinical and clinical research for specialists at Rambam Health Care Campus with at least 10 years of experience (post-internship) and five years of tenure. The funds awarded to an applicant are intended to finance the budget for personnel, laboratory equipment, and laboratory animals.

This internally funded program has granted awards to 21 outstanding specialists. Three Horizons awardees have also received RHCC Fellowships; two are Leaders awardees; and one is also a member of the prestigious Clinical Research Institute at Rambam (CRIR).

Research proposals are reviewed by a scientific committee composed of members of the hospital staff, as well as external review. Priority is given to proposals rated with high pre-clinical or clinical significance, as well as the unequivocal support from the applicant’s department encouraging the research activity. Each awardee is expected to complete their research project within two years, although in exceptional cases a third year of research may be approved.

2012-2013 Awardees

  • Irit Hochberg, MD, PhD (2012)
  • Netanel Horowitz, MD (2012)
  • Dov Hershkovitz, MD, PhD (2013)
  • Yishai Ofran, MD (2013)
  • Shimrit Ringelstein Harlev, MD (2013)


2014-2015 Awardees

  • Nira Arad-Cohen, MD (2014)
  • Gidon Berger, MD (2014)
  • Nesrin Ghanem-Zoubi, MD (2014)
  • Ayal Rozenberg, MD (2014)
  • Miri Blich, MD (2015)
  • Tova Hershkovitz, MD (2015)
  • Amit Lehavi, MD (2015)

2016-2017 Awardees

  • Itay Maza, MD, PhD (2016)
  • Michal Meir, MD (2016)
  • Shiri Soudry, MD (2016)
  • Shlomit Strulov Shachar, MD (2016)
  • Michal Cohen, MD (2017)
  • Haggai Bar-Yoseph, MD (2017)


2018-2019 Awardees

Milena Pitashny, MD

Amir Minerbi, MD

Nurit Horesh, MD