About Rambam MedTech


Rambam MedTech Ltd. is the technology transfer office (TTO) for Rambam Health Care Campus (Medical Center). Established in 2014, it serves as Rambam's industrial liaison to bring medical innovations to market.

Rambam MedTech Ltd. is authorized by the Israeli government to handle all innovations and intellectual property (IP) generated by Rambam clinician-scientists. The company is aligned with the vision of Rambam to support the pioneering and innovative research of Rambam’s physicians and scientists, transforming novel ideas into world class medical products.

New ideas flourish and flow from the unmet clinical needs that challenge Rambam's medical teams. Cardiovascular devices; orthopedic, surgical, ophthalmic, and endoscopic tools; genetic breakthrough technologies; stem cell technologies; and precision personalized medicine are just a few examples of the areas of excellence within Rambam.

We have generated a system that promotes and encourages creative thinking and ideation, identifies innovative ideas, files patent applications, secures funding for initial development, and commercializes the IP through licensing to experienced business affiliates or by the formation of spin-off companies.


Vision and Mission Statement

Rambam MedTech Ltd. aims to advance medical treatment and enhance patient quality of life by serving as a bridge between the innovative research generated by the hospital's clinician-scientists and the medical industry.


  • Commercialization of innovative medical technologies
  • Acceleration and enhancement of the applied research and development infrastructure at Rambam
  • Collaboration with local and international academic centers
Contact Us

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you. For general information and questions, please send an email to one of the individuals listed below:

Dr. Roee Atlas | CEO, Rambam MedTech | +972 54-626-6446
Mr. Ronen Kahana | Director of Business Development | +972 54-569-6682