The Clinical Research Institute at Rambam (CRIR)

The Clinical Research Institute at Rambam (CRIR) is a leading force in innovative translational medical research thanks to the outstanding work of  excellent clinicians and scientists. Since its establishment in 2008, CRIR has excelled in the development of innovative ‘bench to bedside’ solutions in a broad range of medical fields, by addressing clinical challenges emanating from patients at Rambam – the major tertiary medical center for Northern Israel. The CRIR’s high-level, groundbreaking research discoveries and innovations have yielded numerous patents, as well as papers published in leading professional and scientific journals, and collaborative projects and partnerships with academic institutions and private companies.
Nearly all of Rambam’s departments are represented at CRIR, including cardiology, nephrology, hematology, oncology, obstetrics and gynecology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, and many others. Five specialized Research Centers are affiliated to CRIR: Nephrology, Hematology, Translational Cannabis, Regenerative Therapy and Stem Cells, and Personalized Cancer Therapy.

The 26 members of the Research Institute are leading scientists, committed to maintaining the highest level of research standards, and consequently, the acceptance process is highly competitive and based on scientific excellence. Once accepted at CRIR, the researchers are required to undergo rigorous annual external reviews, and to constantly validate the quality of their work.
In addition to attracting superb researchers, the CRIR’s impressive research achievements can also be attributed to its world-class, state of the art research infrastructure, facilities and equipment, including a Clean Cell Preparation Laboratory, which are available to researchers. Each member has their own lab at the Institute and leads a research group in their field of expertise. Researchers benefit from direct access to Rambam’s National BioBank, a massive database of biological samples, adjacent to the Clinical Research Institute.

The Institute currently occupies 1,500 sqm adjoining the hospital. Its research space and capabilities are expected to grow substantially in the near future. Once Rambam’s new Helmsley Health Discovery Tower construction is completed, CRIR will be allocated an additional space of 3,600 sqm spanning on three floors of the Tower. 

The Clinical Research Institute at Rambam with its wide range of research activities represents the accomplishment of its two visionary founders – Prof. Rafi Beyar, the long-standing former Director of Rambam, and Prof. Karl Skorecki, Rambam’s former Director of Medical and Research Development. Combining their passion for clinical service and clinical research, they brought their vision to fruition, by creating a setting where research findings can be implemented for high-quality patient care.

About the CRIR