General Surgery Section

Dr. Shahar Grunner

Phone number of Dr. Shahar Grunner04-7772273

Dr. Shahar Grunner is an Attending Surgeon in the Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Department of the General Surgery Section at Rambam Health Care Campus.

Dr. Grunner completed his residency in general surgery at Tel Aviv Medical Center- Ichilov and at Rambam, and continued on to a fellowship in trauma and acute care surgery.

Dr. Grunner was awarded by the Israeli Physician’s Association for his research on Behind Armor Blunt Trauma. His other areas of clinical and research interest include kite-surfing injuries, treatment of malignant obstructions of the upper GI using stents, and mutations of the GI tract associated with acute presentations.
Since 2015, Dr. Grunner has served as the coordinator of the Preclinical Introduction to General Surgery program for medical students.

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