Department of Cardiology

Dassy Levy

Phone number of Dassy Levy04-7772790

Academic Degree:

Continuing Education / Courses:

Advanced Nursing Intensive Care Course (General and Cardiac)
Course in the Skills of Management
Preceptor course

Professional Position/s:

1. Shift Supervisor Nurse
2. Head Nurse of the Sephardic Home for the Aged, Haifa
3. Manager of STD Clinic, Ministry of Health, District Health Office, Haifa
4. Head Nurse of Internal Medicine “C”
5. Nurse in: E.R.; ICU; Internal Medicine Ward

Selected Professional and Research Interests:
1. Computer Informatics in Nursing (member of the Nursing Computer Informatics Committee)
2. Member of the Nursing Quality Committee
3. Member of the Nursing Hospital Equipment Committee
List of publications
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