Department of Cardiology

Dr. Sergey Yalonetsky

Phone number of Dr. Sergey Yalonetsky04-7774623

Dr. Sergey Yalonetsky is a graduate of the School of Medicine in Kiev, Ukraine and of the Internal Medicine and Cardiology Residency Program at Rambam Healthcare Campus. He is an Attending Cardiologist in the Pediatric Cardiology Unit.
His special interest is congenital heart disease in adults.
Dr. Yalonetsky participates in the activities of the Echocardiography Laboratory and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, particularly in the field of percutaneous treatment of congenital heart anomalies.
He is author of several scientific articles, and a member of the Israel Society of Cardiology and the Israel Society of Pediatric Cardiology.

  • Research area:Cardiology
  • Key Word:Adult congenital heart defect, Interventional cardiology
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