Hand Surgery Unit

תמונה ראשית-כירורגית כף יד

Hand Surgery Unit

The Hand Surgery Unit is the referral center for Northern Israel for people suffering from severe trauma wounds, diseases, disorders, and deformities of the upper limbs.

The unit carries out extensive clinical and surgical activities, and is recognized for its professional expertise in hand surgery in Haifa and the North.

The unit specializes in surgical arthroscopic diagnoses and treatments, implantation of electrodes, repair and reconstruction of congenital deformities, as well as first aid in the event of trauma to the upper limbs, including battle injuries. In addition, the unit specializes in reconstructive surgery for skin deformities caused by severe skin diseases, finger repair and reconstruction after severe injuries, and treatment of growths on the hands.

The unit's team use the most advanced technologies and techniques in the field, such as microscopic surgery to implant electrodes for electrical stimulation. The team also conducts clinical and basic research, and instructs students from the Technion's Ruth & Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and the University of Haifa. Physicians from units in other hospitals receive professional training at the Unit.