Department of Ophthalmology

Dr. Itzhak Beiran

Phone number of Dr. Itzhak Beiran04-7772497

Dr. Itzchak Beiran is an Attending Physician in the Department of Ophtalmology, and responsible for the ambulatory service at Rambam Health Care Campus.

Dr. Beiran graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, completed a residency in Ophthalmology at Rambam, and a fellowship in glaucoma at the University of Toronto, Canada.

He is expert in undersea and hyperbaric medicine and has served as the Surgeon General of the Israeli Navy. Dr. Beiran is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine of the Technion. His main clinical field of interest is glaucoma and his research fields of interest are glaucoma, oxidative damage to the ocular lens and ocular trauma.
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