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Professor Alexandra Balbir

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Dr. Alexandra Balbir-Gurman has been Director of the B. Shine Rheumatology Unit at Rambam Health Care Campus since 2007. She immigrated to Israel from Ukraine in 1989 and completed her Residency in Internal Medicine (1990-1994) in the Department of Internal Medicine at B’nai Zion Hospital; she specialized in Rheumatology at Rambam (1994-1997) and has been a Senior Rheumatologist since 1997. In 2000, she had a fellowship in the Connective Tissue Diseases Unit at Royal Free Hospital in London. Dr. Balbir-Gurman is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, where her lectures and bed-side teaching are highly appreciated by students.

Dr. Balbir-Gurman is a member of the Executive Committee of the Israeli Society of Rheumatology; she is a member of international organizations including ACR and EULAR; she is an active member of the Scleroderma Research Group (EUSTAR) and a member of the EULAR Target US initiative. Dr. Balbir-Gurman maintains the largest Israeli scleroderma registry, and operates a busy scleroderma clinic and a multidisciplinary fibro-vascular clinic for patients with respiratory problems and rheumatic diseases. She has published articles in the field of scleroderma, myositis, vasculitis, rheumatoid arthritis, biological therapies, and the use of US in rheumatic diseases. Dr. Balbir-Gurman has organized several US courses for Israeli rheumatologists, and every two years she organizes an international rheumatology scientific conference.
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