The Center for Cardiovascular Research and Innovation


To advance the development of diagnostic and therapies, in order to improve the survival and reduce morbidity of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, as well as improve patients’ quality of life and their caregivers.

From our unique point of view, we seek to provide professional and tailored assistance for medical device entrepreneurs and to support along the way of devices' clinical development and research of new technologies, procedures and new processes.

Our Mission 

Professionally lead, initiate, develop, execute, manage, analyze and publish clinical research:

We aspire to provide the state of the art therapies for our patients while using the latest technologies available, while improving constantly our services. We believe that after reaching the best guideline directed medical treatment, an investigational treatment should be offered to every patient (according to the disease state and study indications) if it may alleviate their health condition.

Effective recruitment of patients to clinical studies inside the studies' time goals (either sponsored internally or externally

To collaborate and support medical start-ups (mainly local) both clinically and scientifically in order to generate the relevant evidence, to support the adequate usage of the investigational device

Advance academic research and its translation to applicable medical usage

New developments require assistance and collaborations from all hands: nurses, clinicians and therapists, data scientists, engineers and collaborating industries working together for patients welfare

The Center for Cardiovascular research and Innovation is integral part of the Cardiology department at Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa Israel.

It maintains a number of units and clinics that provide specialized medical care and services for a wide range of heart diseases.                           


Dr. Oren Caspi is the Director of the Heart Failure Unit and Head of Rambam’s Cardiovascular Research and Innovation Center. He serves as an assistant professor heading the Laboratory for Cardiovascular Precision Medicine at the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and the Clinical Research Institute at Rambam (CRIR). Read more>>

Dr. Ronnie Abbo is a third-year Cardiology fellow at Rambam Health Care Campus and Deputy Director of Rambam’s Center for Cardiovascular Research and Innovation, which aims to assist local startups to successfully reach the demanding first-in-human phase. Read more>>