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Rambam was one of four hospitals chosen by the Israel Ministry of Health to establish a national biobank system to facilitate clinical cancer research. Tissue samples to be shared and studied among Israel's leading cancer researchers are collected and stored in Rambam's biobank, which is used to facilitate cancer biomarkers discovery cancer biomarkers for developing more effective anti-cancer drugs and therapies. Long term follow-up of clinical data is meticulously digitized to enable high quality research.

Our medical center has made important research contributions in a number of specific areas.These include pancreatic cancer; immunotherapy using dendritic cells in myeloma and kidney cancer; a biobank with a sharp focus on oncology, as well as for collection and storage of specimens from patients with degenerative

neurological diseases such as dementia, Parkinson’s, and inflammatory bowel diseases; cancer cell microvesicle research; and tumor microenvironment research.

These and other projects are led by principal investigators, and each research program is currently carried out in a different laboratory, sometimes at different locations on campus.

Dr. Ronit Almog, Director of Clinical Epidemiology, has established one of the most advanced tumor biobanks in the country, which is well integrated with the Israel National Biobank Project to advance cancer research.