The Applied Neurophysiology Lab

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The Applied Neurophysiology Lab

The Applied Neurophysiology Lab

Principal investigator: Goded Shahaf, MD, PhD

There is nearly a century of literature, which shows that electrophysiological activity, measured by EEG sensors, differs in various experimental setups and among clinical and non-clinical populations. Often, these differentiating patterns are related in the literature to attention-related processes. However, it has often been the case that the extraction of these patterns requires multiple electrodes and long samples, and thus is too cumbersome for routine use.
Over recent years, evidence accumulates regarding the feasibility of extracting sensitive attention-related electrophysiological markers from short samples and easy to use electrophysiological headsets. Our lab mission, based on decades of research, is to advance easy-to-use markers to practical implementation and mainly for the benefit of various clinical populations.



A "tennis band" one channel EEG connectable to mobile devices

A "tennis band" one channel EEG connectable to mobile devices

Dr. Goded Shahaf - CV Highlights


Harness deep neuroscientific knowledge for clinical and humane implementation


  • MD – Technion - Israel Institute of technology
  •  PhD and post-doc at the Technion with Prof. Shimon Marom studying learning principles in in-vitro neuronal networks followed by implementation of these principles to the study of human electrophysiology (EEG)
  • BA in psychology and behavioral biology at Bar-Ilan university
  • BSc in mathematics and computer science at Ben-Gurion university


Expertise in bringing neurophysiological research into implementation. Founder and technology generator of multiple companies:

  •  Elminda LTD
  •  BrainMARC LTD
  •  NeuroIndex LTD

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