Novogate Medical

An Israeli start-up in in the Cardiovascular area, Novogate was established in 2011 by Professor Gil Bolotin, inventor of the Wisefix trans-apical access and closure device.

Novogate MedicalNovogate Medical

The Wisefix system addresses two critical areas in the growing percutaneous valve implantation market: transcatheter aortic valve repair implantation (TAVI) and transcatheter mitral valve repair/replacement (TMVR).

This surgical closure device comprises a continuous loop, which is configured to assume at least open and closed shapes. The closure device further comprises a plurality of tissue anchors coupled to the loop. During a cardiac medical procedure, a surgeon couples the closure device to an external surface of the myocardium, by inserting anchoring portions of the anchors into tissue of the myocardium while the loop is in the open shape. The surgeon punctures the myocardium through the loop to form a passage through the myocardium, and inserts a catheter into the heart via the loop and the passage. After performing a medical procedure on the heart via the catheter, the surgeon withdraws the catheter from the heart. The surgeon causes the loop to assume the closed shape. Assumption of the closed shape draws the anchors toward a central region of the loop, thereby squeezing together the cardiac tissue of the myocardium surrounding the passage made through the myocardium, and closing the passage.