3D Room

Imagine a laboratory that allows anyone to create almost anything they want.

Imagine a meeting place where multidisciplinary medical team can define problems and search for a solution by inventing or using innovative medical devices.

Two years ago, Rambam Health Care Campus established a 3D laboratory to help doctors and medical staff use 3D printing technologies and supporting software to develop prototypes designed to serve as an answer to real clinical problems.

Rambam's 3D Room has different types of 3D printers that enable printing of a variety of materials, including silicon, PLA, and ABS, all with micron level accuracy when required.

The 3D room is already being used to meet clinical needs: Plastic organs can be printed prior to surgery and used to plan surgical procedures, facilitating better outcomes.

Rambam's 3D room and related services are also available for use by the medical staff of other hospitals.

Contact Us

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you. For general information and questions, please send an email to one of the individuals listed below:

Dr. Roee Atlas | CEO, Rambam MedTech | +972 54-626-6446
Mr. Ronen Kahana | Director of Business Development | +972 54-569-6682