Personalized Medicine Center

Personalized Medicine Center

Personalized  Medicine Center

The Rambam Personalized Medicine Center is a leader in the emerging field of precision medicine – a cornerstone of 21st century healthcare. Personalized medicine enables treatment of patients using diagnostic and therapeutic tools that are specifically tailored to their unique genetic and molecular profile. Optimal therapies for a particular patient are identified, ensuring that he or she receives the most effective treatment and avoids the negative effects of less suitable options.

The Personalized Medicine Center at Rambam comprises dozens of top researchers working in five laboratories and specializing in a wide range of medical fields including hematology, immunotherapy, oral and maxillofacial medicine, endocrinology, and oncology. All of their research is generated from actual patients at Rambam Healthcare Campus; cases originate at the bedside, are analyzed in a lab, and then implemented at the bedside. The center’s laboratories can handle all stages of this process.

The Personalized Medicine Center benefits from an important advantage – its location within one of the most important and innovative medical centers in Israel and the largest hospital in the north.  Its researchers enjoy unlimited access to all of Rambam’s clinics and work in close partnership with the hospital’s medical staff.

The center is currently engaged in advanced stages of development for several groundbreaking initiatives.

"Patient in a Dish"

The center’s leukemia research lab is developing an ex-vivo system for identifying chemotherapy drugs that are most effective for specific leukemia patients. The process entails collecting blood cells from the patient and combining them with 3-D culture derived from a bone marrow aspiration of the same patient. The researchers then test the cells’ response to various chemotherapy drugs in order to determine which are most beneficial to that particular patient. Answers are obtained in under two weeks, and oncologists can then administer an optimal chemotherapy protocol while omitting drugs that are not effective, or are even harmful, to that specific patient. This semi-clinical research is currently being validated and the goal is to begin implementation on patients within two years. In the meantime, the technique is being offered as a service to pharmaceutical companies interested in testing their drugs on live cells.

Maxillofacial Implants

The center is developing innovative 3-D implants tailored to specific patients who suffer from jaw necrosis and severe bone pathologies. The implants are produced using a 3-D printer and the patient’s own cells. This invention has been patented by Rambam.

Personalized Cannabis Treatment

Rambam is also a pioneer in the emerging field of medical cannabis. Several types of medical cannabis are currently available. Using advanced personalized medicine techniques, researchers are able to determine which types and doses are most effective for treating a given patient.