The Medical Cannabis Research and Innovation Center at Rambam


Medical Cannabis Research and Innovation Center

Principal Investigator: Dr. Igal Louria-Hayon

The Medical Cannabis Research and Innovation Center aims to study the role of cannabinoids under various disease conditions. The center focuses its efforts toward discovery of specific biochemical interactions that trigger the physiological effect of cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant. This knowledge contributes to the infrastructure of cannabis-based treatments approved by the health authorities in Israel and worldwide.

The center is privileged to bring together both clinicians and scientific researchers to collaborate on a variety of clinical cannabis applications, including cancer, hematology, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, skin diseases, neurology, gastroenterology and diseases primarily affecting women.

Rambam's physicians are currently treating more than 3,000 patients with cannabis in multiple indications, and are leading approximately 30 clinical trials in this field; all of which contribute to Rambam's extensive database for medicinal cannabis. Rambam's expertise regarding cannabis and its physiological effects is at the core of the Medical Cannabis Research and Innovation Center, which focuses on both translational and clinical studies.

 Our multidisciplinary teams—together with the ability to reveal the pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics of cannabinoids in the treated patients—are redefining the cannabis research by discovering the specific effects of cannabinoids at the personalized level.
To contact the rearch center please email to: [email protected]
Office Tel.  04-7771810
Lab Phone: 04-7771114

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