Orthopedic Surgery Section

Dr. Yaniv Keren

Phone number of Dr. Yaniv Keren04-7772774

Dr. Keren is the Program Director of the Division of Orthopedics and Traumatology at Rambam Health Care Campus, supervising the academic program and residents.
His main interest is orthopedic trauma surgery, including complex fractures of the lower and upper limb. His main expertise is external Ilizarov frames used to treat complex fractures, bone loss, bone deformities, and infection.

Dr. Keren received his MD degree from the Technion’s Ruth and Bruch Rappaport Faculty of Medicine (2005) and was trained in orthopedic surgery at Rambam.
He completed a fellowship in orthopedic trauma surgery at the University Hospital, UniversitatsKlinikum, in Essen, Germany (2013).
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