Department of Internal Medicine B

Dr. Ami Neuberger

Phone number of Dr. Ami Neuberger04-7772957

Dr. Ami Neuberger Runs the COVID-19 A / internal medicine department at Rambam Health Care Campus. Dr. Neuberger has completed specializations in Internal Medicine (2007) and Infectious Diseases (2011). He has resided and worked in Equatorial Guinea (2008), worked in post-earthquake Haiti (2010), and participated in several studies conducted there. Dr. Neuberger has also worked in Nepal (2013), and in South America.
Dr. Neuberger has authored or co-authored more than 50 scientific papers, including in journals such as the Lancet Infectious Diseases, the BMJ, the Cochrane reviews and Clinical Infectious Diseases. His study interests include disease epidemiology in low-income countries, epidemics, and various tropical diseases such as cholera, malaria, typhoid fever and Japanese encephalitis.
  • Research area:Infectious Diseases & Tropical Medicine
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  • Category:Clinical Research
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