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Israeli clinician scientists have a disproportionately large impact in the international scientific community. Among medical centers in Israel, Rambam can be hardly surpassed with respect to the scale and scope of its pioneering discoveries and contributions to medical science. Research activities at Rambam encompass a wide variety of clinical fields and are characterized by their integrative, interdisciplinary approach to solving clinical challenges. Rambam scientists are developing novel, patient-oriented health care technologies through extensive collaboration with fellow scientists at the Technion, involving staff of  the Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Faculties, as well as the Rappaport School of Medicine and Research Institute – home of Israel’s first Nobel Laureates in science. As a clinical partner with biomedical technology companies, Rambam has been instrumental in bringing some of medicine’s greatest innovations from the engineers’ drawing board to the patient.

The Research and Develelopment Unit
Helsinki Committee
Medical Statistics Unit
Clinical Research Quality Assurance Committee

Contact us:

Ronya Rubinstein, Adv
Director, R&D Unit
Email: r_rubinstein@rambam.health.gov.il

Ehud Klein, MD
Director, Research Division
Email: e_klein@rambam.health.gov.il