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Haifa | June 14, 2012 - Eight U.S. Sixth Fleet sailors came this morning to Rambam Health Care Campus, where they had chosen to “enjoy” a day off.

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Throughout the morning, the eight sailors performed service jobs as hospital volunteers. The group’s members dispersed among various departments, helping the transportation staff to move furniture among the wards and the laundry staff in folding and mending. 

The U.S. Sixth Fleet sailors at RHCC
Orna Nitzan-RHCC

As part of their visit, the sailors toured the fortified underground emergency hospital at Rambam, the largest in the world, whose construction has been completed in recent days, and were impressed by the facility and the project’s size.

In the words of Daniel Coronado of Damage Control Central (DCC), which is responsible for managing shipboard risk, the visit to Rambam was for him and his friends a fascinating and moving experience:  “This is the first time that I have visited Rambam, and it’s wonderful. I have met many fantastic people today, and it has warmed my heart. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to volunteer. It was really a blessing to be here.” 

The group came to Rambam via the Municipality of Haifa as the result of a friendship that has developed between their ship’s chaplain and the hospital. Rambam serves as a rehabilitation center for members of the Sixth Fleet; the sailors decided to return the favor. 

“The hospital has treated the Fleet’s wounded over the years, and so a group on our ship decided to come and help,” relates Religious Programs Specialist (RD2) Amy Hooks. “I was here in the past before I enlisted. Today I have seen other aspects of Rambam, and this was a wonderful opportunity.”

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