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Baruch Rappaport of blessed memory is pictured with his wife Ruth and his daughter Irith at the cornerstone laying ceremony  for the new Children's Hospital.

The Rambam Health Care Campus Family deeply mourns the passing of Baruch (Bruce) Rappaport of blessed memory. Mr. Rappaport, 86 years of age at his death, was a man of vision and achievement, a Haifa native son, among the most generous of donors and builders of medical, educational and research institutions in Israel.

Baruch Rappaport contributed to the establishment of the Technion's Faculty of Medicine building (est. 1979) adjacent to the Rambam campus, and founded the Technion's Rappaport Research Institute – two institutions dedicated to research and development, where tens of physician-researchers from Rambam Medical Center perform research in parallel to their clinical work.
The Baruch Rappaport Family has thus helped to advance Rambam Medical Center to a leadership position in the world of academic medicine. The year 2004 saw Baruch Rappaport's vision realized  when two researchers from the Faculty of Medicine, Professors Hershko and Ciechanover, won the prestigious Nobel Prize. In 2007, Baruch and Ruth Rappaport laid the cornerstone for the Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital, the first step in the visionary effort of establishing one of the most advanced children's hospitals in the world.

 Baruch Rappaport leaves behind his wife, Ruth, and his daughters Irith, Vered, Shoshana and Noga. May his memory be for a blessing.

Speech of Professor Rafi Beyar, Director of Rambam Medical Center
Geneva, January 11th, 2010

Dear Ruth, Irit, Noga, Vered, Shoshana,The broad Rappaport Family and Friends from Israel and the entire world

We sadly depart today from a dear friend, a giant, a visionary, a man of great deeds and a loving person.

I had the honor of knowing and working with Baruch for the last decade as Dean of the Ruth and Baruch  Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and recently as Director of the Rambam Medical Center.

Baruch was one of the greatest supporters of medicine in Israel during the last four decades.  He founded the Technion faculty of Medicine, the Rappaport Family Institute for Medical Research and recently he donated the Ruth Children's Hospital to Rambam and the people in Haifa and Northern Israel.  It is presently under construction and we will see this vision materialize  in the near future.  Baruch, together with Ruth, were always personally involved in their great projects for humanity.

Baruch demanded that his projects of giving for mankind be carried out with the highest standards and at a lightening pace.  He personally participated every year in the prestigious and heartwarming ceremony of MD graduation at the Rapport faculty of medicine. 

Baruch Rappaport also briefed as BR was a man of great vision.  BR said three decades in advance that the Rappaport faculty of Medicine and Institute for research will grace Israel with the Nobel Award. This statement was faced by skepticism.   We made history, when the Nobel in Chemistry was awarded to Hershko and Ciechanover in 2004, the first ever Scientific  Nobel in Israel, the greatest honor to Science and Medicine in Israel and to the Israeli people.

I was the lucky Dean to attend the Nobel Ceremony in Stockholm with Ruth and Baruch.  I saw the great excitement in Baruch’s eyes in 2004, during this greatest achievement of his project for humanity, for Israel, for Haifa and for Medicine.

I was the CEO of Rambam during the Lebanon War in 2006, when the hospital was under rocket attack.  I remember the Friday afterward, just before Shabbat that I received a call from an "unidentified donor" wishing to establish a Children's Hospital at Rambam.  “You will be contacted on Sunday”, I was told.

The anonymous donors were Ruth and Baruch.  Baruch's and his family giving to medicine and culture in Haifa is unprecedented in the history of Israel.  His vision for medicine as a vehicle for peace in the Middle East will be carried forward in the future.

Baruch was a giant with a loving and giving heart,  to his family, friends and mankind; a man of deeds, a true visionary, who loved to see his dreams come true.
Let Baruch rest in peace


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